Alignment Good

Appears in Ultrapato
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Sex Male
Species Duck
Status Alive

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Ultraduck (real name Carlos), originally Ultrapato, is a fictional character, a superhero starring in a five issues miniseries comic created by Mexican cartoonist Edgar Delgado and published in México in 1994.

Publication historyEdit

Ultrapato was one of the first of a new wave of Mexican comics, usually published by the creators themselves in low quantities, and sold in specialty comic book stores or special events. It had an original print run of 1,000, which increased to 10,000 in later editions, which were colored as the Toukan Manga edition.

The story focuses on two pairs of gloves created thousands of years ago by an extraterrestrial race, which would grant the wearers incredible powers, and which were lost on Earth. An anthropomorphic duck living in the city of Villa Ave named Carlos Bay stumbles across the gloves on the beach one day, and uses them to become a superhero named Ultrapato, defending his home from threats such as Ultragallo, in spite of barely knowing how to use the powerful abilities he has gained.